This calendar was created to highlight the wide diversity of holiday, belief and faith traditions being celebrated by CSU students, faculty and staff and in our community. It serves as an evolving resource to meet the needs of faith and belief literacy on CSU’s campus.

Professors and instructors: When planning tests, field trips, or other major events in your classroom, use the calendar to prepare for impacts to your class on a day that students may take off due to an observance.

Students: When recognizing an academic requirement may land on a date of observance for you, make time to communicate with your instructor well in advance to find a way to work with your academics and your beliefs.

Employees: Utilize this calendar when planning a training, retreat or social event to consider when staff may be taking time off for religious accommodations.

Suggestions for future observances

As this calendar aims to serve an evolving and inclusive list of observances, please send future suggestions. Include date(s), community and description of the observance and email Ria Vigil on behalf of the Subcommittee of Faith, Belief and Religious Observances.

Are you a student looking for support for your spiritual health, to connect with your spiritual community, deal with spiritual struggles or conflicted beliefs, or to heal from religious trauma or difficulty?  Visit CSU’s Spiritual Health Campus and Community Resources.

If you are an employee seeking accommodations for a religious observance, contact CSU Human Resources and/or discuss accommodations with your supervisor.

If you are a student seeking accommodations for religious observance, please follow the process managed by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Faith, Belief, and Religious Observances Calendar, has been created with a start from the Multicultural Calendar and was inspired by the UC Davis Multicultural Calendar and the Davidson College Religious Observance Calendar. The calendar was initiated by the Faith, Belief, and Religious Observances Subcommittee of the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion in order to provide an opportunity for increased faith and belief literacy on campus.