University Events Help & Guidelines

The University Event Calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for Colorado State University students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the Fort Collins community. The calendar is maintained by the Department of Web Communications, with assistance from the Registrar's Office.

Academic Calendars and Dates

What types of events are appropriate for posting to the University Events calendar?

  • All events posted on the CSU campus-wide events calendar must be open to the CSU community and the public. Events for employees, including retirement celebrations, should be submitted the Faculty and Staff calendar. Click here to submit to the Faculty and Staff calendar.
  • Academic or research seminars targeting a broad audience
  • Student thesis and Ph.D. defenses
  • Events sponsored by a CSU center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization
  • Single day events (multiple day events may be posted on the opening day, with multiple day entries posted at the discretion of the calendar administrator based on space available)

What type of event or items are unacceptable for posting to the University Event calendar?

  • Ongoing classes, workshops (non-credit bearing, regularly offered, etc.), certificate programs and regular meetings
  • Volunteer requests
  • Invitation-only events
  • Events for employees, including retirement celebrations, should be submitted the Faculty and Staff calendar. Click here to submit to the Faculty and Staff calendar.
  • Advertisements for companies or products
  • Events NOT sponsored by a CSU center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization
  • Solicitations

Select private events (attendance by invitation only, appropriate to a specific audience, or large events having a significant impact on campus) may also be posted at the discretion of the University Event Calendar administrator.

Who can submit events to the calendar?

All events submitted for approval must be submitted by a CSU department or office, other official CSU affiliated organization which includes registered student organizations.

What information is needed for submission?

  1. Topic: The event content must be directly related to the University and must not contain any commercial advertising, religious or political editorials, or solicitations. Messages must be free of slander, obscenities, and other material that may be considered unlawful.
  2. Content: Messages should be concise, but all messages must include a date, time, entry fees, location, sponsor, and brief description of the event. The editor reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and/or length.
  3. Format: Content should be sent using plain text only. Do not include graphics nor formatting such as bolded text, underlined text, italics, fancy fonts and colors. Messages may contain links to appropriate Web pages, but cannot contain attachments.
  4. Style: Messages should be checked for spelling, grammar and accuracy of names, titles, dates, contact information, etc. Messages will be moderated, but not fact checked for accuracy of names, phone numbers, e-mail, Web addresses, or related. Please do not include all-caps and exclamation points for emphasis. Acronyms should be spelled out the first time they appear, and event titles should be concise.
  5. Images are encouraged: Two images per event may be uploaded upon submission. One small, simple image to appear as a thumbnail. Another detail image that illustrates the nature of the event / speaker.

How do I submit an event to be posted on the calendar?

Posting of events is at the discretion of the University Event calendar administrators based on the guidelines outlined above. To submit your event for consideration, use the Submit an Event link and fill out the required fields.

When will my event show up on the University Event Calendar?

The University Event calendar administrators review requests to promote events each weekday. Approved events will be posted to the calendar within 72-hours of submission.

If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, the administrator will contact the person who submitted the item and either indicate why the event cannot be posted or request more information.

How often can I post events on the calendar?

There are no restrictions on the number of times an organization may post on the calendar, as long as the content meets the above cited criteria.

May I submit a photo to be posted with my event?

Yes. Images may be uploaded in the event submission form. This calendar system supports a thumbnail and a detail image. Thumbnail images should be simple--those with any complexity don't display well. Images will be automatically resized. Can be submitted in BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG formats and up to 10 MB in size. Photos will be evaluated by the calendar administrator and included based on photo quality, size and appropriateness. Images smaller than 200 pixels in width cannot be used.

What time period will the University Event Calendar cover?

The University Event Calendar will list events from the current date up to two years forward. Events posted on the University Event Calendar will continue to appear on the calendar for a minimum of a one-year period from the date posted. Users can search for past events in the same manner as they do for upcoming events.

Calendars for administrative units and departments

Is it possible for a college, administrative unit, or department to establish a calendar?

There is an annual cost for new calendars. To inquire about establishing a calendar, please contact Web Services. Please be sure to include your name, department, and contact information. In the e-mail, include a name for you calendar, a description for it (e.g., events and programs) and a calendar administrator/contact name and e-mail address.

Who maintains or administers school, administrative unit, and department calendars?

The college, department or school designates a calendar administrator for its local calendar.

What are the procedures and policies for school, administrative unit, and departmental calendars?

The policies above provide general guidelines for calendars other than the University Event Calendar. Local calendar administrators and their senior manager(s) moderate other university calendars and may establish different policies.

Other University Calendars

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If you still have a question about submitting your event after reading the events calendar help and guidelines email the Vice President for Research Events Calendar Coordinator.